Our Vision

At Gracie's Place, we believe in not just new life, but with the fellowship of other recovering addicts and God's guidance, you can have an abundant life. We believe that the only way we can maintain what we have gained is by giving it away. Recovery is more than abstinence from mind-altering substances, it is a way of life. Recovery is identifying and developing core values of integrity, service, and spiritual principles that we incorporate into our daily lives. 


We meet each woman where she's at, offering a hand up, not a handout. We will provide a God-Centered supportive environment for men who are desperate to live their lives differently. The goal is to build through integrity, biblical principles and self-sufficiency with a heart for the word, becoming a successful and productive member of the community. To offer a home that is conducive to recovery through a loving, supportive environment that is handed out. 


Noah's House and Gracie's Place are open to all forms of recovery, whether that be the choice of participation in NA, AA, Celebrate Recovery, SMART Recovery.  They are all models of recovery that we encourage to be sought out and utilized in the community-living environments of our recovery homes.


We strongly implore that those who seek assistance in recovery, upon acceptance into Noah's House / Gracie's Place Recovery Homes, find the best one that assists them.  Then, the individual must further work this form of a recovery group, along with the assistance that we provide, to ensure successful ongoing recovery and treatment.


The use of Medication Assisted Treatment (Methadone, Suboxone) in a community-living environment is something that we cannot clinically control or monitor on site, We do however accept clients needing the assistance of Vivitrol.  While we support the use of MAT's in the Recovery Community when it comes to the Acceptance of Clients who need the assistance of Methadone and Suboxone, it is not something that we can administer in our facilities and we cannot regulate within our community-living environment at this time.


Noah's House and Gracie's Place support all forms of recovery.  We require our residents and future residents to participate in a recovery program, whether that be NA, AA, Celebrate Recovery, or SMART Recovery, and couple it with the necessary personal work to be successful in recovery.  We are here to help you.  Together we can do this. We can thrive in the storm.

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